Meibo Art Museum · Meibo Collection

In 2022, inside Meibo Art Museum, we created a special exhibition hall dedicated to show Chinese ancient art treasures. With those 2 exhibition halls, we are devoted to promote the exchange and co-development between contemporary art and Chinese ancient art through highly academic-featured art exhibitions and different kinds of cultural activities with an improved service system. Meibo Collection is focused on collecting, academic research and daily exhibitions of ancient Chinese art pieces including a large amount of ceramic, jade, gold and silver works in systematic styles, some of them are the masterpieces from different dynasties in ancient China. Standing on the wave of cultural globalization, our mission and responsibility is to protect and innovate the traditional Chinese culture, to achieve a creative transformation of it, to improve the quality of people’s life and to promote the sustainable development of cultural industries by building a platform for cultural exchange through highly academic-featured exhibitions, advanced concept of display and an improved service system.

No.88 Liming Rd,Minhang District,Shanghai City
Meibo Art Center