HANMEI Education·LI AN

Life, Art, Creativity, Practice

‘Hanmei Education · Li An Creative Art’ was officially established in September 2018 by Meibo education department, which provides artistic and creative visual art education for children and is powerfully supported by resources from Meibo Art Museum and Curriculum Research and Practice Base.

Start with themes on nature and humanities, children will learn professional knowledge and skills about visual art while appreciating all sorts of art elements, media and methods used in a wide range of creative processes. Our engaging learning environment is designed to stimulate children’s interest about art and improve their ability in art appreciation. Here, everyone is

free to explore by himself and interact with others in an open and relaxing atmosphere. On top of that, our art museum will offer first-hand information to children for them to be connected closely to works of art and exchange directly with artists.

We are committed to the research and development about creative visual art education. Apart from classes for children, we also provide art salons, museum courses and study tours to adults. Equipped with a well-trained team, our improved teaching qualities has attracted an increasing number of students since the establishment. We are proud to see that they frequently won awards in large-scale art competitions each year at home and abroad such as Footprint Cup, Academy of Fine Arts Cup, and EACE Global Art Creation Competition. We have also built cooperation on aesthetic education and teaching with other art museums in Shanghai and different art organizations like Shanghai Calligraphy Association, Shanghai Artists Association, as well as international schools such as Xiehe Education Group and Depu Kindergarten, which proves our ability in professional art education. In the future, we will continue the exploration of visual arts and expand our teaching practice with all students.

Qualifications and Honors

·Officially Designated Registration Office for National Society-Level Art Grading Test ·Officially Designated Test Center for National Society-Level Art Grading Test ·Shanghai Minhang Professional Skills Training Salon for Primary School Art Teachers ·Innovation and Research Center for Shanghai Minhang Artists Association ·Shanghai Minhang Youth Research, Study and Practice Center ·"Youth Center" by Minhang Committee of the Communist Youth League ·"Excellent Co-construction Award" by Xinzhuang Town Li'an Neighborhood Center

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