Meibo Art Museum · Contemporary Art

Meibo Art Museum · Contemporary Art was officially opened to the public in October 2012. It is devoted to the creating,exhibition, exchange and promotion of contemporary art as well as research, discovery and training of promising young artists while strengthening their connections with art institutions and the market.

Through multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural cooperation, exhibitions and exchange, we have successfully broken the boundaries between different kinds of art elements and achieved a new way and concept of exhibition. In the future, we will continue to support and promote the integration of contemporary art and ancient Chinese art, extend the vitality of traditional Chinese culture by encouraging more contemporary artists to work on it and bringing the spirit of it to contemporary art.

As a non-profit private museum, we will always be visitors-centered and strive to connect people with art, artists and art museums with good art works, to meet people’s increasing needs for art and enrich their cultural life.

Running Horses·Art Exhibition of BEI JIAXIANG
Island·Solo Exhibiotn of CHAI WENTAO
Growing Up·Spring Exhibition
Retro Morden In Old Shanghai
Artists And Their Children
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Meibo Art Center